In-House Ventures.

The ElegantBuild Company houses a group of passionate entrepreneurs; it is our sandbox that we play in.

We conceptualize. We strategize. We analyze. We develop. We hack. We market. We pitch. We expand. Our group is always thinking about building new and exciting systems. This mindset is woven into the fabric of our company.

Business Consulting.

We've learned by doing. Our in house ventures give us the know-how to do just about anything, from website construction, to large dataset analyzation, to market research gathering, to full blown application development.

We live and breath the technology space. We excel at improving existing business lines and intelligently expanding into new ones.

Startup Investing.

While a lot of what we do here is 1s and 0s, we do throw in a few $ signs from time to time.

Keeping true to our investment and venture capital backgrounds, we are always on the lookout for other fascinating and driven companies to invest in. Please do drop us a line, we would love to talk with you.