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  • Tower screenshot


    Client needed a system that would manage global database of candidates and open job positions.

    Tower is your company's personal talent management tracking web-service. Who are we currently trying to place? Which of our clients have job openings available? Who have we introduced to a particular company and how did it go? Tower is your answer.

    With Tower you and your team will be able to seamlessly maintain and watch over all your candidates and open job positions. Tower also enables your team to monitor and report on all activity and workflow in an organized, central, and friendly manner.

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  • Surveyrx screenshot


    Client wanted to be able to query ad-hoc focus groups and gather pre-market intelligence so decisions can be informed and data-driven.

    This was a multi-faceted project. The three key components were a survey editor, a survey viewer, and an survey administration algorithm.

    The editor allows for quick and easy creation of a customized survey. The viewer enables respondents to view and take each survey. The administration algorithm ensures people receive applicable survey invites and aren't inundated with requests.

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  • Network screenshot

    Member-only Networking Platform

    Client wanted to be able to organize and manage a large organization.

    In order to do this, we constructed a white-labeled, members-only networking platform. The web-application features a newsfeed, member directory, chat forum, job posting forum, member profiles, dues gathering, and much more!

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