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    CollegeJobConnect is a seed-backed recruiting platform that connects undergraduates and employers.

    On campus recruiting is a great way to meet and hire talented individuals that can add immensely to any organization. However, developing a recruiting program presents many challenges: traveling to campuses is costly and time consuming; there is no guarantee of success, and connecting with candidates outside of your geographic region is challenging or impossible. CollegeJobConnect modernizes undergraduate recruiting, making it faster, easier and less costly than the traditional on-campus approach.

    Press: DEN Newsletter, LaunchDFW, Dallas Morning News, The Dartmouth

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    CraveWorthy is a cross between LinkedIn and Thrillist and focuses on allowing young professionals to share exciting things in their professional life.

    Equipt with voting, comments, and sharing, CraveWorthy aim to be the place to share what makes you a better professional. It is in the early stages, but we've been thrilled to see the excite our early members have shown.

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    Whether it is a designer ultra-tweeting about some conference she is at or a venture capitalist intensely describing his pursuit of the always-elusive "inbox zero", sometimes you just want to mute someone or something on Twitter. This extensions allows you to do just that. You can easily put accounts that you follow and hashtags that you wish would go away in the penalty box, where they will be silenced and feel shame. When you have deemed their sins absolved, you can let them out, free to fill your Twitter stream again.

    PenaltyBlox is an open source project that you can view at and you can download it from the Chrome webstore for free. The extension is written predominantly in javascript and leverages backbone.js, underscore.js, and jquery. Forks and pushes welcome!

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    The Institute For Undergraduate Research

    The Institute For Undergraduate Research (UGResearch, for short) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that is part library and part librarian for undergraduate research. We house, categorize, and tag all our content plus help our members search and discover the works they are looking for.

    Undergraduate research rarely leaves the college or university it is written at and, worse, is usually banished to collect dust and be forgotten in the basement of some random library. We are trying to change this.

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    This one is just for fun. The core concept is simple: show a new puppy picture every hour. This website was created to deliver a little happiness to everyone's day, sixty minutes at a time. You can read about its origins here.

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